We create and define
the future that we believe in

Speculation Design to create a better future for humans and their environment.

We are a international network with a transdisciplinary approach that uses design, technology and emotions to create new solutions that improve people's lives.

Our Purpose

The world is full of challenges that push us to get together, to leave our confort zone and to look for new solutions. It doesn't matter anymore if we are a company, a government, a society, or a family; we are all responsible.

  • We believe in and define the future that we want.
  • (We) Detonate to create new horizons.
  • (We) Detonate to positively impact.
  • (we) Detonate to stay alive.


We provide ¨Detonation¨ services in a variety of ways:

  • Speculative design to define the future

  • Research to innovate

  • Service Design

  • Collaborative Design

Our Method

  • Provocation


    In this first phase we learn about and the problem and empathize with its agents, to provoke and create the best scenario to change it for the best posible outcome.
  • Detonation


    In detonation (Brainstorming) we look for as many solutions as possible from our findings after studying the problema at hand.
  • Resolution


    After finding and researching all the potential solutions we systematize them to look for the most viable and scalable way to face the problem.


Provocamos procesos de detonación desde diferentes servicios.

  • · Speculative design to define the future

  • · UX and UI service

  • · Design of services and products

  • · Collaborative design.


Nahun Saldaña

Co founder - Lead of innovation specializing in the management of creative projects to live better. He has worked with various government, civil society and business entities. Is co- founder of the agency Copiloto and founder of the band Avida. He has been a mentor in different learning communities of entrepreneurs and artists. He was responsible for the political and social mobilization of the Fundación Telefónica's Proniño Program. He believes that design can change the world for the better, in the creativity of people and their emotions. And is faithful to strategy and technology to generate the best possible scenarios.

Pedro Gomes

Founder - Business Strategist More than 20 years working in different geographical and business cultures. Experience in the area of business and technology consulting leading multidisciplinary teams oriented to the commercial area. Passionate about leadership and the definition of business strategies, having already launched several companies and businesses. He has a dream to create a society where knowledge and its obtaining are as accessible as possible anywhere on the planet, believing that knowledge is the engine of development of humanity.

Sara La Torre

Clinical psychologist specializing in research methods from ethnography to artistic processes. She believes in design that takes an innovative approach to solving current social problems, that it is a solid research process that allows collaboration from the heart of the problem. Design supported by the people who inspired it is what drives her.
She is also the co-creator of the Zinebiosis fanzinoteca and many other diverse projects saturated with affective components for the interaction between people and their experiences.

Aaron Julián

Graphic designer and art director. After several years of working for various design studios he co-founded Youth Experimental Studio (YES), where he directed and developed projects within the cultural and commercial sphere, such as editorial design, packaging, visual identities and many other things.He is interested in revaluing the role of the designer, experimenting and generating new visual languages of great impact and reflection in our environment.

Michael Hurtado

Mathematician, artist and maker, hardware and software Project developer. He has worked as a teacher, project instructor and researcher in several academic institutions. and is co-founder of Lima Makers, developing projects involving new technologies. He is the winner of the Fundación Telefónica VIDA16 prize in the category of production incentive. He believes that technology in the future will be an extension of our bodies and will facilitate the process of creation.

Malu Romero

Creative graphic designer focused on User Experience Design and User Interface. She has worked with design agencies and social companies where she collaborated in the development and implementation of digital solutions for real users. She is a part of the independent local fair and market scene and illustrates independently. She believes that creativity lives in absolutely everyone.

Barcelona +34 644 843 656
Lima +51 949 097 337

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